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Also known as: Clash of Trash because it can Crash!
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Clash of Trash
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Development process: all the good, bad, and ugly moments on our way. Track records and achievements in a form of Monthly reports from the beginning to the end...

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What is Clash of streamers?

CoS Athene

Controversial Mobile game in Gacha style combines highly addictive mechanics (casino-like experience, slots, roulette, etc...), through which you can obtain various items and collect streamers. Players are slowly introduced to the most important building "Athene's Church" where they are exposed to the ideologies from his religion: Neuro-Spinozism (a.k.a Athenism). Screenshot1, Screen2, Screen3
In this virtual church, all players pray every day, to gain extra progress in the game. But what if you refuse to pray? Well then...

Gameplay will gradually change to cause you the maximal amount of pain (frustration). In order to enjoy the game, you either pray or you need to pay (micro-transactions, over-priced booster packs, etc..) More about development process in this interview "YouTuber who started his own religion".


Play to earn strategy
Play 2 EARN
with PRPS-Chan

How to earn money in Clash of streamers?: You don't earn money by playing the game but you can export your hero or pet to the Ethereum blockchain as a NFT and then you can try to sell it on OpenSea.io.

Here comes the catch, you need to meet specific requirements in order to export your hero. These requirements are based on your play style. Learn more about "Pay to Win" and "Free to Play" strategies below.

Crypto heroes and waifu pets as blockchain NFTs!

The NFT (non-fungible token) are one of a kind digital assets representing CoS pets and heroes.

NFT Export Requirements

How to get Crypto Hero and Crypto Pet on the BLOCKCHAIN!

pay to play



In order to claim your NFT hero you need to buy Crypton. Maxed level hero's will cost you anywhere between $12,000 to $14,000. (estimated value is based on packs you buy and eth-gas fees).

  • Crypton is available trough in-app purchases
  • G4G offers discounted packs for PRPS/Dubi
  • Uniswap v3: swap DAI into PRPS

    WARNING Developers don't offer the option to swap your PRPS back into DAI, you will be stuck with their crypto coin!!!

  • DubiEX exchange: buy PRPS with ETH

    WARNING if you need to sell PRPS, you will end up with -38% up to -50% instant loss!

With purchased Crypton you can export hero/pet of any level. Please do your own research before investing into PRPS » Making of CoS

free to play



You are investing your time! Commitment and dedication are necessary during the tedious process of grinding. It won't be fun, but in theory, it can be done! Estimated Time: 1 YEAR! You will have to perform daily tasks like:

  • Streaming CoS every day
  • Complete all daily Quests
  • Solve weekly Riddle
  • Collect items to complete weekly event
  • Complete challanges players gives you
  • Auction house: sell your heroes/pets
  • SOON Watch 10 replays = 1 free crypton

You need to collect 1,000,000 (One Million) of Crypton to export your hero. F2P players are limited to export only max-level heroes.



Currency to export NFT

The most valuable currency in the whole game is Crypton since it's required for NFT export. Here are some advanced tips that will help you accumulate more Crypton over time:

  • Ponzi scheme Recruit new players by using a referral code. When members of your community make an in-app purchase you will get a cut - in a form of a Crypton.
  • Crypton can be gifted between players (for a 5% fee), so ask around, you never know, maybe you get lucky and someone will give you Crypton as a free gift.
  • Passive income: if you are going to play for more than 1 year, using Crypton to upgrade your spellbook will increase the amount of Crypton you can passively generate.

Finally, plan ahead. Here you can take a look at how much crypton it costs to export a different heroes NFT Export Table

⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ Exporting heroes of lower levels has been disabled, you can export only Max Level Hero. ⚠️

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